Security Consulting

Our mission is to guide clients through the complex world of corporate security. Our team of specialists is committed to delivering comprehensive services, assisting in the preparation of documentation, optimizing processes, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and legal frameworks. We specialize in creating security master plans, security audits, security solution reviews, consulting in the development of architectural, construction, and installation projects, CPTED analysis (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design), security policies, procedures, and regulations in the field of corporate security.

In shaping security policies, procedures, and regulations, we integrate our clients’ needs and interests, promoting efficiency, compliance, and adherence to best practices in their operations. Security policies, procedures, and regulations are strategic documents that define guidelines and methods for managing security risks and represent a key integrative component of the overall corporate governance process. These documents recommend specific measures and controls, along with a list of additional activities and necessary documentation, to establish a security system and develop the concept of an integrated physical security system.

We provide expert guidance through all phases, from planning to the implementation of organizational and physical security measures, as well as consultation in the development of architectural, construction, landscaping, installation projects, and additional project documentation. We assist clients in articulating their requirements to designers across various fields, ensuring the derivation of optimal technical solutions while clearly outlining their expectations for future security systems.