Risk Assessment and Security Plan

Our services encompass a comprehensive, methodically developed risk assessment aimed at identifying and analyzing potential risks and hazards threatening properties, individuals, assets and other values. This process involves not only mapping potential threats but also defining strategies and measures to prevent or minimize harmful consequences and losses.

Each phase of our risk assessment includes a detailed analysis of the current situation and security challenges, with the goal of identifying possible sources and types of hazards. Our expertise enables us to predict the likelihood and frequency of such hazards, as well as potential risks or losses that may arise from them.

When developing security documentation, we adhere to recognized norms, rules, and legal provisions. We use the most relevant Croatian, European, and international standards (EN, IEC, ISO), as well as other specialized norms and accepted industry practices to ensure that our security strategies are best suited for your needs.

After completing the risk assessment, we prepare a security plan that determines the optimal level of technical and integrated protection, as well as integration with other technological systems on the premises. This detailed plan sets the foundation for the project task, which is tailored to the specific requirements and needs of the facility’s users.

Ultimately, our risk assessment and security plan become integral parts of the comprehensive project documentation for the physical security system, designed to provide the highest level of security and protection.

Risk assessments and security plans are mandatory documents for every facility where private security measures are applied and established in the Republic of Croatia, in accordance with the provisions of the Private Security Act.