Physical Security Design

We create various types of design documentation in the field of physical security and fire alarm systems. This encompasses a wide range of different systems that we integrate into a unified whole, thus providing cost savings for investors. In Croatia, we prepare documentation in compliance with the Private Security Act, Spatial Planning Act, Building Act, and the Regulation on the Conditions and Manner of Implementation of Physical Security, as well as various other applicable Croatian laws and international standards. For international physical security projects, we adapt to the regulation of the country in which we operate.

Our documentation covers, but is not limited to, physical security systems: video surveillance, access control, time and attendance system, biometric systems, perimeter protection, intrusion detection systems, parking systems, mechanical security, road barriers, various types of security barriers, anti-diversion systems, security control and screening systems for individuals, baggage, and cargo… We also design Supervisory Control Centers (Control rooms) and create standard operational and escalation procedures. Our specialized team design fire alarm systems, evacuation sound systems, and related technological solutions that allow complete integration and coordination to ensure full security and functionality of the facility.

Our approach integrates various systems into a unified whole, ensuring optimal efficiency and significant cost savings for investors. Over the years of practice, we have perfected methods and approaches that guarantee precision, quality, and innovation in every aspect of our work. Our attention to detail and constant pursuit of compliance with the latest standards make us leading experts in this field.