On-site Inspection

We provide on-site inspection services for the implementation of physical security and fire alarm systems, ensuring that the installed security systems adhere to the highest standards and specifications while aligning with investor requirements. Our team of experts supervises project execution, verifies adherence to technical requirements, and ensures all system components are properly installed and operational.

On-site inspection encompasses services from kick of meeting, contractor onboarding, cost control and execution, through to checking the quantity and quality of work, participation in handover, financial reconciliation, to technical inspections of the facility. Our experts monitor project progress, regularly report to the client on the status of completed work and identify and resolve potential issues to ensure that the security systems are efficient and reliable.

Through transparent reporting and regular on-site coordination, we ensure that all aspects of system implementation adhere to applicable laws and regulations. Our objective is to ensure that your security systems align with project documentation and cutting-edge industry standards.