Obtaining Approval

Our service encompasses communication with relevant state administrative bodies and ministries, the preparation of documentation, and the submission of requests to procure necessary approvals.

In accordance with the obligation arising from the Private Security Act, we create risk assessments and security plans, as well as project documentation that necessitates approval from the Ministry of the Interior.

Under the Protection of financial institutions Act, we create complete documentation required to obtain approvals for exemptions from various types of technical and/or physical security measures prescribed by legal regulations, thus achieving operational cost savings for investors.

For the protection of public areas, we obtain all necessary permits for the operation of video surveillance systems in accordance with the Regulation on the method and conditions for the performance of private security activities in public areas.

For the implementation of physical security systems in buildings designated as cultural heritage, we possess the appropriate permits and prepare comprehensive documentation for obtaining approvals from the Ministry of Culture and Media, all in accordance with the Act on the Protection and Preservation of Cultural Property.